7 thoughts on “ASUS RT-AC2600 Review

  1. At least this router is far better than Singtel latest Mesh router which 5GHz max out at 220Mbps and 2.4Ghz at 110Mbps.

    1. Hi Ken,

      I do agree with you that this router is better than the Singtel router and recently ASUS released new firmware for this router as well.

  2. The Singtel latest Mesh Router has only firmware/software difference and the hardware is the same as 2 previous models of AC1900 from Arcadyan. When connecting as AP, it is automatically configured and there is manual configuration.
    This AC2600 is also better than M1’s previous Asus model RT-N12 which is marketing hype advertising 300Mbps but reality the WAN and LAN ports are only 100Mbps. To me, RT-N12 was a useless router for the Singapore market and only suitable third country slow internet. I also think that is the reason why M1 lost its ground to the other telco on a lousy internet connection for their previous 300Mbps plan.
    For me, the Singtel 3 generations models are the minimum entry model for today’s requirements and AC2600 is 2 steps better than them. I choose because 2 steps because there are some with better firmware than Singtel but about the same speed or slightly faster.

  3. hi, is the router able to have decent signal in main bedroom? i wonder if it is strong enough for my 4rm bto which, theoretically speaking, is smaller than your floorplan here.

  4. Dear Cling tong,

    If you place your router at living room then you need to use 2.4Ghz band to connect from your main bedroom, but also need to see your house layout. if you place the router at the living room wall face directly the 3 walls than you will might have poor connection. My advise is to test the wireless network on airplane mode and playback some youtube video to test.

  5. Need advice currently I am using linksys EA8100 with starhub 1Gbps and constantly facing slow network. Starhub came numerous times but still no able to solve and didn’t want to change new router.
    My plan to due in next 6 months later.Comparing M1 network with Ac2600 router, would it be a better choice?

    1. Hi Lewis,

      I would say go ahead with M1 1Gbps plan. The RT-AC2600 will improve the network stability and coverage of your house.

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