Sony Sports headset MDR-XB510AS Review – Extra Bass

The Sony MDR-XB510AS Sports In-ear Headphones is meant for active sport users and those who love…

The Sony MDR-XB510AS Sports In-ear Headphones is meant for active sport users and those who love their music with extra bass. When I meant extras bass I really mean EXTRA BASS. It’s really strong on the bass and you won’t find another sports headphones with this kind of bass.

The tangle-free cables are working as advertised. I have little trouble getting it out of my pocket and using it. Actually it comes with a cable adjuster but I don’t use it as it makes my pocket bigger. If you’re putting in a bag it will be easy to carry with. There’s also a nice perforated pouch to keep it protected in your bag.

One good reason to keep the headphones in the pouch is because of the arc supporters which helps keeps it in your ear when you are doing high intensive workout or like me training for my 2.4km run. It really sticks into my ear even jumping won’t get it off.

  • Clip
  • Carring Pouch
  • Headphone cable Length Adjuster
  • Long Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (SS, S, M, L x 2)
  • Arc Supporters(S, M, L x 2)

As usual after an intensive workout I would be full of sweat and sometimes in my ear. With the MDR-XB510AS I was able to wash my headphones. Which was the first time I’m doing to my headphones. It felt weird but after rinsing it under the tap it feels clean and fresh for use again. The XB510AS is actually rated IPX5/7 which means I could run in the rain and still have the bass going on.

The Sony MDR-XB510AS has really strong bass and because of the extra bass it’s high is a little underwhelming and mids are quite average. It headphones are meant to be pumping you for exercise and not for the full range of music. Another good thing it’s noise isolation is pretty good if you use a good match for your ears. The mic works well and voices can be heard quite clearly.

There’s 4 colours to choose from, black, red, blue or green


Full Specs

General Features
MAGNET Neodymium
IMPEDANCE (OHM) 16 Ohm (1kHz)
CORD LENGTH Approx.1.2 m, Litz wire, Y-type
PLUG L-shaped gold-plated four-conductor mini plug

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