19 thoughts on “Zotac GTX1070 Mini – Review

  1. Hi, would just like to know if the backplate comes out of the box… or is it a separate order?

  2. Hello. I bought this card and it did not come with a backplate. No site that i’ve looked it up, including the zotac site, shows that it comes with a backplate. Where did you get this backplate and where can i order it?

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    1. Dear Antonio,

      You might need to check with your local reseller, because different region might have a different SKU model.

      For Singapore SKU, it comes with backplate.

      Best regard,

  4. is there a significant difference in the ‘mini’ to the other brands that dont make “mini” versions of 1070.

    1. Dear Zhikai,

      The Zotac GTX1070 Mini performance same as a normal GTX1070.

      Best regards,

  5. Hello,

    It would be rally helpful if you could tell me how much is the difference between Zotac GTX 1070 Mini and Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Edition? In my region Mini is cheaper by 50 euros, so I would love to know do I get more performance/better cooling for that extra 50 euros if I choose AMP! model.

    Also how much noise Mini produce under load, since the fans don’t spin at idle?


  6. Is it possible to use to card without the backplate? Trying to fit this beast into a mini-itx build, that backplate really got me thinking..

  7. Hello, thanks alot for this review, i really wanna buy this card (asap i have a buyer for my Zotac mini GTX970 ~200€).

    BUT what about the consumption after your overclocking ?
    because, initially with lows speeds (1518 1708 2000), the value given is 150W …
    for the AMP-Extrem (1632 1835 2052) is … 250W !!
    And your OC surpass the AMP-E …. so far !

    i am really interested to have this setup …
    but not if the graphic card will burn until 300W !!

    You talk about 15% gpu voltage … = +15% consumption (172W) ???
    if yes, OC every days ! but i dont believe it lol …

    if for 460€ you could have “the best frequences possible on 1070 … no reason to spend 100/150€ more for “more famous brand”

    thx for your feedback about this point.

  8. I see you mentioned something about the FireStorm utility being unstable. I have the same card, and when I run FireStorm, it always reads zero for the GPU voltage in the ‘Monitor’ tab. Is it the same for you? Other apps, such as GPU-Z, CPUID HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner seem to be able to read it OK.

  9. This review is missing many things.

    How loud are the fans when running benchmarks or games?

    Is there any coil whine?

    The graphs are too small. I have a 24-inch 1080p screen and the graphs are almost unreadable.

  10. quick feedback after using yesterday evening >> this card is amazing !!!

    with power boosting of 112% (automatic coordination of it, through the FireStorm Zotac Tool)
    (1873 stable max speed !! 200MHz is not ridiculous, OC ASUS/MSI cards are selling until 150€ more for that value by défault)
    with smart manual setting of the FANS steps, during heaven benchmark since 5 minutes,
    haven’t heat more than 74°C .. with fans speed at 80% during few seconds, until temp down to 69°C and fans speed switch to 70% = not audible !

    exactly the sames stats than my old Zotac dual fans GTX970 !!

    perfect !

    to grow up from 70 FPS to 110 (Benchmark result) with the same power consumption !
    perfect card, the best 1070 for me, because 460€ until 550 … for same higher clock capacity
    and really solid efficient cooling system 🙂

    1. Quick question. When I run FireStorm, it always reads zero for the GPU voltage in the ‘Monitor’ tab. Is it the same for you?

    1. Hi NicanorFCB,

      We don’t have any issue with the fan speed during our stress test and you might want to visit your local Zotac service centre for inspection.

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